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Manufactured by: FN Herstal

The FN® M3M is a .50 cal machine gun based on the M3P machine gun, positively locked and operates in "open bolt firing system" which avoids the cook-off risks. The flexibility of functioning is increased by 2 buffer-blocks (one inside the barrel buffer and one inside the back plate group). The FN® M3M is designed to be mounted on a elastic cradle fitted on a Medium Pintle Head (MPH), or Medium Vehicle Pintle (MVP). Aiming is performed with a specific anti aircraft sight fitted on the machine gun or optical sights via a Picatinny Rail system. Ammunition feeding is made by a belt of cartridges fitted on disintegrating links (M9) which are rejected either to the right side (left feeding) or the left side (right feeding). The empty cases are ejected downwards. The FN® M3M provides the user with a very high "bullet density" on target and a high firing rate from the initial firing burst.